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If you have cancer, there are various alternative treatments to chemotherapy that you can pursue. While not officially recognized by the national health bodies, these treatments have been proven successful in eliminating cancerous cells in the body. Moreover, the treatment methods are cheaper than and not as painful as chemotherapy.


One of the alternative cancer cures is a macrobiotic diet. This is a special diet that has been found to help in eliminating cancer cells in the body. Below is an overview of the macrobiotic diet. Click here to know more. 


Variety of Foods

Eat a wide variety of foods, because different foods nourish you in different ways. Eat different foods even if this sometimes means sacrificing on quality. For example, if you can only get organic carrots and broccoli, it does not mean that you eat only carrot and broccoli. Other vegetables are also important.


Climatic Adjustments

People living in hot tropical climates need to eat differently from those living in cool or cold temperate climates. This may seem obvious. Yet many people do not observe this principle at all. For example people in cold climates nowadays commonly eat tropical fruits such as banana and pineapple. Or, they eat hot spices which, traditionally, have not been eaten in cold climates.


These foods help the body to cool down. So if you eat them in a cold climate, you might feel cold. Likewise, nowadays it is common to find people in the tropics eating cold climate fish like salmon. Or, because of the health foods movement, some people in hot tropical climates have started to eat cold climate grains like buckwheat. Or, people in low lands are eating grains that grow in high mountains, like quinoa.


Such food choices are, again, not strictly following the principles of a macrobiotic diet.

Those who understand the macrobiotic diet and follow this principle of making climatic adjustments are able to tolerate a broad range of climatic conditions. They don't need central heating during winter, not do they need air-conditioning during summer.


People who follow a macrobiotic diet can switch easily from winter to a hot, equatorial climate without feeling any discomfort. In contrast, some people cannot bear their own climates because they do not adjust their food to their climatic conditions.


The common example is of people in the tropics who eat plenty of meat (and other foods that warm the body) and so they absolutely cannot live / cannot sleep without air conditioning.


The above is an overview of the macrobiotic diet that can help to cure cancer. Beat cancer for good now! 


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