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Studies have shown that following a macrobiotic diet can play a huge role as cures for cancer. If you are looking for an alternative cancer treatment from chemotherapy, you can start by following a macrobiotic diet. People with serious cancers, however, have special considerations. They need to adjust first to their body condition the internal climate.


In some cases, this may require people in the tropics to eat a more temperate climate diet, or vice versa. If you have an illness, it is best you consult a macrobiotic counsellor. 


Personal adjustments also means developing and following your intuition. Sometimes, your intuition might tell you to eat something that is contrary to what is recommended in the so-called macrobiotic diet. For example, the dietary guidelines may tell you to avoid meat, but if for some reason you have a very strong craving for meat, you would probably be better off eating it.


For example, you may have turned vegetarian but are not balancing you vegetarian diet properly. One day, you may feel a very strong desire to eat meat. You may try  to stick to macrobiotic recommendations and order some fish. In doing so, you have already broken your vegetarian diet.

But even after you eat the fish, the meat craving may remain strong. In the end, you may gave in and order a chicken drumstick. What will happen next may be quite shocking. You can  gobble down the drumstick in less than a minute like a hungry man long deprived of food and still crave for more.  


You should follow your macrobiotic diet guidelines 70 percent of the time, and follow your own intuition the remaining 30 percent of the time. You may have been given a lot of contradictory dietary advice by various people. As a result, you may be quite confused. So, you should the macrobiotic diet most of the time, but also learn to develop your own intuition about what to eat and what not to eat. Look up chemo alternatives online to know even more. 


Specific Foods

The above principles of macrobiotics are important. Always bear them in mind. The recommended macrobiotic diet consists of:

o 50 - 60 percent whole grains

o 5 percent soup

o 25 - 30 percent vegetables

o 10 - 15 percent beans and bean products

o small amounts of sea vegetables, pickles, seeds and nuts, seasonings and condiments, herbs and spices, and natural, non-stimulating beverages.


The above are the principles of macrobiotic diets for cure of cancer.


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