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Cancer refers to a group of illnesses and it's characterized by cell growth that's out of control. More than 100 different kinds of cancer exist, so it's a general term. Each kind of cancer has its own characteristics. Cancer is characterized by damaged cells that grow out of control and form masses of tissue or lumps known as tumors, which in turn harm the body.


Causes of cancer


Some cells divide uncontrollably and never die. These cells ultimately cause cancer. Usually, our body cells follow a certain path during growth, division, as well as death. When this routine is disturbed or upset, it leads to cancer. Cancer cells don't die and continue to divide and grow unlike regular cells, which die. This gradually results in a mass of irregular cells which grow uncontrollably.


Symptoms of cancer


Cancer has a wide range of symptoms and it majorly depends on where in the body it occurs. It also depends on where it's spread and the tumor's size. Major cancer symptoms aren't so specific. They include:


Unintentional weight loss


Persistent fatigue


Bowel changes

Chronic cough


Natural cancer cures and home remedies


Everyone has cancer cells within their body. It's essential to treat cancer by building your body's immune system and then the white cells, and so on. If your immune system is strong, then normal cells can be controlled as they're stronger than cancer cells. There's no single drug or herb that can treat cancer. Cancer can only be treated by building your immune system. There are some natural methods which will help to build your immune system. There are also Radiation alternatives that are widely available. 


Increase your consumption of raw foods--to ease cancer symptoms, raw foods are really helpful, including sprouted grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and the like. Try to load up on these foods. Bread, potatoes, cooked beans and so on should be avoided.


Avoid a fatty diet--it's recommended that you avoid a high-fat diet as it is directly related to an increased risk in cancer. Consume a low-fat diet instead. Breast cancer is associated with the consumption of animal fats as well as saturated fats.  Only go for a low-fat diet as it not only wards off cancer but also helps women with breast cancer live longer.


Avoid sugar and empty calories--sugar, empty calories, as well as junk food directly affect the function of your immune system. So, be sure to avoid these kinds of food. To get started, contact us here


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